Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Super Update Spectacular!

Erg. Sometimes I forget to give updates on the regular stuff of life going on with the fam. And sometimes I just don't have much inspiration or brain power! So here's a little of life as of lately....

1. I'm still running! My uncle just completed a marathon and my cousin's wife did the half marathon. I am nowhere NEAR doing something like this. I'm in week 5 of an 8 week running program after about....10 weeks. But I'm a lot more in shape and my chicken legs are starting to sport some actual muscles and I've even shed a couple pounds. Yay for me! I might be up for a 5 or 10K by Sept.

2. I haven't killed my flowers yet! And the corn and green beans haven't died either! My Becky Home-ecky points keep increasing. Yesssss. Which balances out the points I'm losing for being tired of cooking homemade-type meals for almost a year. I do not enjoy cooking in hot weather.

3. I really want to go camping. Frank and I keep building campfires in the backyard after the kids go to bed. Kind of fuels the "fire" so to speak. Camping with three little children might amount to more work than it's worth...I don't know...but we might try it for a night or two this summer? Pray. For. Us. We might be crazy.

4. My face is slowly getting better. Yeah, remember the Bell's Palsy? It lingers, but like I said, slow, slow improvement. Most of it I've just adjusted to, but it still kind of bugs me that I can't give people a real smile without being lopsided.

5. We have new neighbors in the ex-drug bust house. They brought a big black dog. Sigh. But so far he hasn't eaten any of my trash. So there's a cease fire for now.

6. Frank is on summer break from online seminary. But he's stayed busy keeping our vehicles running and studying for a certification test he's taking at the end of this week. Don't ask me in what. Something to do with servers. He read a sentence from his book to me and it sounded like another language...

7. The kids are growing and learning by leaps and bounds. Some days, they just seem to have grown and changed overnight! I think Annabelle's bored with home and will be more than ready to make some new friends at school in August. Joey would be happy if I let him live in the sandbox all summer. Baby Jay is keeping me on my toes. He is constantly finding new things to get into and put into his mouth. He's perfecting his "Da da da's" and Frank couldn't be more pleased. Or smug. Here's a couple recent pics:

8. The church is closing on our building next week. Woohoo! Now all we have to do is move all the stuff out of our van and our pastor's garage, do some major cleaning, do a little decorating/remodeling...yeah, just little things like that. :) But it's good to know we won't be homeless for more than a couple weeks. Here's the building. Cute, huh? A space that fits us, fits our budget, has a yard, is in a neighborhood we can reach out to and get to know... Time for HP to put down some roots!

We had to move out of our old space by the first of June, so another church in town, Father's Glory Ministries has graciously let us meet with them this past Sunday as well as next week. We had a great time getting to know them Sunday. Frank and I won't be able to go next Sunday as we've already committed to leading worship for another church Sunday...which leads me to my next thing:

9. It seems like we're all over the place lately! But that should slow down a little after next week. It's been great to see the Body of Christ in big groups, small groups, different denominations and styles. But I'm glad for a day to chill a little...I have a sore throat and am pretty wiped out today...I have no idea why. It's not like we were yelling into microphones or anything:


Helen said...

I am glad the Bell's Palsy is healing, and that the running is going well, and for all the blessings you've described.

Amy said...

It's kinda funny to see you rocking out on the mic. Not that you aren't a rocker or anything...
I didn't know Frank was taking online seminary classes! Good for him! What school?

Billy Coffey said...

Wow, that church looks great!

As far as the running goes, I'm in awe of anyone willing to do a 5 or 10k.

sherri said...

I could run for 1 block, if I had my Depends on! I'm impressed Beth! Keep it up.

Your kids are beautiful....I wanna kiss Baby Jay's cheeks!

When it gets really humid here, I don't want to cook either. I prepare the food inside, and Big Al takes it outside and cooks it on the grill (he doesn't mind the heat like I do.) Keep the house cool, and there's NO CLEANUP!
(Burgers, dogs, pork chops, chicken and I put potato slices in foil with butter...ummmmmm)

Good to hear that your palsy is showing some improvement. You are handling that so well.

I'm excited for your church. I remember when my Dad planted a church, how exciting that was. Alot of work...but so exciting.

I enjoyed your update. Keep 'em coming.

Beth said...

Amy...He's going to Liberty University online part time to get his master's in church planting and personal evangelism. And yeah, this is as rocking as I get. I can't smile or close my eyes like I'm used to when in front of people, so I've had to make up entirely new faces! People must think I'm pretty intense... :)

Sherri...I'm sorry, did you just say you eat dog???

Annie K said...

Beth, is that you rockin' the microphone? And those kids are so stinkin' cute.

And at least Sherri's not eating crow...or cat. We'd have to intervene.

katdish said...

Well, you get down with your bad little self! Rocking out on the keyboard and microphone. I need to send you a worship coat and some aqua net!

Thanks for the update. Hurry up and get a twitter account, or I'm going to harrass your mom some more.