Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Stealing This From My Facebook Notes So It Looks Like I Write a Lot

From the Realms of Mommyhood....

Not Fun: Doodling on scrap paper for 20 minutes while waiting on the phone for your medical insurance company to offer you "customer service," only to learn that you owe more money than you thought...why is it you always owe more money than you thought?
Fun: Drawing with chalk on the sidewalk with your kids.

Not Fun: Getting puked on at least 7 times a day.
Fun: Seeing your baby's first real smile (shortly after the puke)!

Not Fun: Trying on 18 shirts to find something that actually fits and looks professional yet casual for Preschool Parent Orientation Night and seeing that your hair is doing horrid things as well...
Fun: Having at least 3 people say how great you look so soon after the baby and having one (She may need new glasses, but bless her, God!) grandmother say you look 18!

Not Fun: Not getting a full night's sleep pretty much for as long as you can remember.
Fun: Watching your children sleep that sweet and peaceful sleep of little ones.

Not Fun: Lots o' stretch marks.
Fun: Knowing that your husband still calls you his pretty girl.

Not Fun: Taking 3 children under 5 into any store.
Fun: Stopping at DQ on the way home guilt free because you've already burned off the calories you will consume chasing children around the store.

Not Fun: Missing the people at work and the adult conversations you sometimes got to have there.
Fun: Talking to yourself any time you want and wearing gym short every day of the week if you so choose!

Not Fun: Poopy diapers.
Fun: Imagining heaven...a place without poop!

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Lisa Joy said...

Beth! I'm so glad you're blogging for real! I love your writing and look forward to more....