Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Helpful Than Most Internet Surveys

The other night I was kind of aimlessly wandering around in cyberspace...and I found a link on a church website to a spiritual gifts test online. Well, I haven't taken one that I can remember, so I did the best I could to answer the questions among the normal chaos of my house.

I know tests like these aren't the absolute authority of what you can and cannot do for the kingdom of God, and some of the answers may change on any given day, but I did find it to be quite helpful. If nothing else, it really confirmed that I am working in the areas that I am gifted in, and that is encouraging. It also let me think about my life in a little different light.

If you are interested in taking the test, you can find it here.
I don't know much about how it was put together, but it does have a nice little introduction and it's fairly easy and simple to take. It also defines the gifts and includes scripture references with each definition. As to what is considered a "spiritual gift" and what is not? I may have to research that more. Some of these seem like traits that ALL Christians should have, don't they? I welcome your ideas...

So what did I score highest in?
Well, I took it twice and the top gift both times was music, so that's kind of nice to see since that's my main role at my church.
I love to worship with music and help others do the same!

What was next?
Missionary and Poverty were in the top four both times. No secret that I've always had a big heart for those close and around the world who don't know God, so the missionary thing makes a lot of sense to me. I never even knew poverty was a specific gift, which was the biggest surprise and eye opener for me. Here's their definition for it:
"Poverty (voluntary) - The special ability God gives to some to purposely live an impoverished lifestyle to serve and aid others with their material resources."
Now I am definitely NOT in poverty as most of the world and even the U.S. would define it. We are well fed, our needs are met and we even have some luxuries (Internet, duh!). And some of our lack of cash flow isn't necessarily by choice(uh, maybe a lack of making the best choices!)...but some of it IS... If I learned anything from this, it is to view poverty as a gift from God instead of thinking of it as something that must be overcome. And that I like to give of my material resources.

Honorable mentions?
Teaching, Writing, and Giving are all in are Pastoring (the dreaded P word!) and Mercy...

What came in dead last?
Celibacy. Ha! Kind of felt like those questions didn't apply since I'm very happily married and really couldn't imagine life otherwise. Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues were down at the bottom, too. At least the tongues thing doesn't freak me out like it used to. I totally see Biblical support for it and see that others DO have these gifts, but I personally have not experienced either.

So, has anyone else taken a test like this? Did it teach you something? What did you learn? Should we lobby for Humor and Sarcasm to be added to the list of gifts?


Helen said...

I followed your link and tested high for Mercy and Poverty. I am sorry, but I don't see how I fit the last one. I honestly answered that I seldom give til it hurts, you know. I also scored well with teaching and encouragement. I got zero for celibacy. Bob will be glad to know that, I am sure. I also scored zero for tongues. It is not that I doubt others have the gift. I just can't let go to the Spirit. I get scared that what if it is the wrong Spirit. The last thing I ever want to do is curse God. I mean, I have been angry at Him and shook my fist a little, but I never actually cursed HIm. I don't want to open myself up to an evil spirit.... Okay, I'll stop, because I am probably talking crazy. Still. it's not like you all didn't already know....

Beth said...

If you are talking crazy, I talk crazy as well because I followed that line of thought just fine! Maybe Crazy is a whole different gift... ;)

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Seriously? It takes an HOUR? Who has that kind of time for a silly thing like discovering what God made you for?

Just kidding, but I HAVE taken at least five different gifts tests over the years.

I usually test highest in encouragement.

On that note,

Yay Beth! Yay Helen! Go, go, go!

WV: wagonar
A type of seminar held along the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Any time I take a personality test, I always end up right in the middle of each category. So either I'm very well rounded, or I'm not superior at anything!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Oh, and I laughed out loud at 'Becky home-ecky.' Once I said it out loud a couple of times.

katdish said...

I didn't take that particular test, but we just took a test from Southeast. My high scores were in Encouragement, Giving (that might be the same as poverty), Mercy and Discernment. That last one I'm not so sure about...

P. S. - way to spam Matt's blog everybody! That was awesome. Go Pants! (hey, I am pretty encouraging, huh?)

Anonymous said...

I, too, followed your link and took the test. I have taken tests like these before and I usually get similar results. This one was not as clear-cut, but, my number one was writing! I had no idea that was a spiritual gift. Since when? I don't remember that one in any of the lists in the Bible...

Like many others, I got a zero on celibacy (I'm married!), speaking tongues, and interpreting tongues.

Anyway, and #2 was pastoring. What, am I supposed to be a preacher now? Oh my brother.

sherri said...

katdish, encouraging? hmmmm.
I guess it depends on whose site she is on!!!!

I'm donna' go take the test now.

I'll be back!

sherri said...

I said I'm Donna go, and I went!

Music tops my list with Exortation, hospitality, faith and encouragement nearly equal in rankings.

Dead last :celibacy; with apostle and tongues speaking/interpreting breathing down celbacy's neck.