Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Ten Reasons the Snuggie Video Isn't Done Yet

10. I'm trying to beat my record of correct questions in a row on TV Quiz Show on the Wii. I wish it would quit asking me sports questions. Or at least limit the sports questions to: IU basketball from the years 1990-2000, Colts football 2004-present, and the Olympics.

9. I've been being a nosy neighbor. Our neighbors got busted and taken away the other night (I'm pretty sure it was drug charges...) while we were filming the Snuggie video. Nothing like groovin' in your Snuggie and then looking out the window and seeing 5 cop cars. Don't worry Mom, there's a whole vacant lot between them and us. And now there are two less dogs to shoot with pellet guns. I joke because I'm not sure how to handle it. I alternate between praying for them and being mad that such evil stuff is so close to my children. And I constantly watch their house now.

8. I've been a social butterfly. Flit, flit. I have seen people outside my own family for six days in a row. That might be a record in Beth's New Life as a Recluse, I mean, Stay-At-Home Mom.

7. I love watching the local news. I mean really, not only am I informed, it's just chock full of funny stuff. Yesterday, the weather man had to honor the 6 year anniversary of the snow rollersin our area. We take the weather very seriously, folks.

Yeah, the Daily Show even made fun of Terre Haute for that promo, and then Terre Haute people got made because Jon Stewart couldn't pronounce "Terre Haute" right...I'd show that clip, but it may not be suitable for young viewers. ;)
And one of the top stories last night came from my county. If I was still working for Girl Scouts, you had better believe that wouldn't have happened on my watch.

6. Annabelle, Joey, and Baby Jay. Enough said.

5. I have company coming! My friend is coming to visit tomorrow with her baby, and my parents are coming this weekend for Baby Jay's dedication at church. Exciting stuff! Exciting enough to warrant drastic things like dusting and vacuuming!

4. The weather was warm for about 2.6 days. I mean over 60 degrees in February! In Indiana! So we went to the playground and took some walks and generally stayed outside as long as possible.

3. I now have 200 Facebook friends. It proves my diagnosis as a very extroverted introvert. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, props to my mom for coming up with that term, because it does describe both of us very well.

2. Me and God have been having some good times lately. God likes it that way and so do I.

1. Frank has more important stuff to do than edit video of his spastic wife dancing to hits of the 90's. I keep telling him things like work, homework, church, kids, me, the hallway renovation, etc., are silly and shouldn't take away from the AWESOME that is the Snuggie video, but he doesn't seem to understand that.

So I guess the waiting will have to continue. Until then...
More of Beth's International Dance Crazes! I don't speak Romanian, but I would totally dance on a wing of a plane any day with these guys.


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Well okay. I guess those are good "excuses" and all.

But I'm waiting breathlessly for the awesome that is Snuggie.

Tell your husband to edit for your fans.

Helen said...

I can't find the Daily Show Terre Haute thing on youtube.....
I need help....Snuggie video, please....

Or, you could just email me the Daily Show link ;-)

Glad you, Frank, the Kids, and God are all having fun.

katdish said...

Did you know that there is an entire world of misheard lyrics on youtube?


Seriously...I WANT MY STV! (Snuggie television)

katdish said...

So, I copied the wrong one. They have a nuba nuba (or whatever it is) one on there, too. But the sean paul one is good, too.

♥ Kathy said...

I can't believe someone stole from the Girl Scouts :( That's terrible. It makes me a little mad... And I don't blame you at all for being a nosy neighbor. I used to live next to a lady that had been to prison twice for selling methamphetamine's and would go right back to it within two months of being out. I was so uncomfortable. I spent most of my time on my porch pretending that I wasn't watching their every move when really I was.

sherri said...

Great excuses.
I'm just hoping we don't see you in the background of COPS when they were busting your neighbors.

If the first we see of you in your snuggie dancing is on this week's COPS edition- I will personally drive there to shake your hanthen dance with you.

Rachael Phillips said...

Um, you aren't playing this Tunak thing in front of my grandchildren, are you? Totally scary.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Beth - your comment today reminded me how I had a little schtik like that guy with all my 'girl friends.' I'd give away art and stuff like that to all my platonic friends. But I had to quit whenever I had a real girlfriend.

amy said...

Oh Shoot! The computer wouldn't load your page last night; so I thought to myself...
Maybe the video of my friend "Dancin' with the Snuggie" is on!