Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog!

Hey, all you faithful readers...sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been....busy? Tired? Adjusting? Here's a quiz. I've listed some things about my week. Can you pick which statements are true? I've even put the answer at the end. Instant gratification!!

1. Laughed maniacally at my dog when she couldn't figure out how to jump the baby gate now mounted at the bottom of the stairs.
2. Concocted the most awesome poems for a blog post while I ran and then promptly forgot them.
3. Talked to my friend Helen on the phone while my boys climbed the furniture like Amazonian monkeys.
4. Discussed with Frank whether or not we have dysentery.
5. Cleaned my basement and found exciting treasures such as: my crock pot lid, a whole box of wedding bubbles, and....a dead bird!
6. Got up a least an hour earlier than I used to so that my daughter makes it to school on time. Only slept through the alarm once so far...Oops.
7. Attempted making homemade biscuits with the result being a hard white substance that could have anchored our boat.
8. Stood in line with squirrely preschooler and cranky, nap-needing baby EVERY AFTERNOON so I could pick up my daughter from school. (Okay, just every week day.)
9. Had a tired mom melt down at exactly 5:13 p.m. each day.
10. Had a great time worshipping with our new HealingPointe drummer, Dr. Rhythm.
11. Washed my daughter's brand new back pack because my son peed on it?!
12. Spent a collective 18 hours telling Joey to put his underwear on.
13. Got way too into the movie "Princess Protection Program" on the Disney Channel.
14. Cursed my spotty Internet connection frequently.
15. Impressed all the parents at the park with my monkey bar skillz.

If you answered that all of the above is true, you are.....


I only chuckled and rolled my eyes at my dog. And I stink at the monkey bars. I have weeny spaghetti arms. And I may have only spent 17 hours and 58 minutes telling Joey to put his underwear on. After hour 15 it gets a little foggy....

But the rest is pretty accurate.


Amy said...

You had me fooled! So much detail....I knew it wasn't far off base! Awesome list!

sherri said...

You rock Beth!

I'm impressed.

katdish said...

Oh, I loved this post!

Pee on the backpack, huh? Lovely...

Rachael Phillips said...

You didn't have your weird mother committed this week. At least, not yet.

P.S. The spaghetti arms you get from DNA on both sides. Sorry.

Ryan said...

hilarious...some of that sounds like my kids. Jack- "Jack no pee carpet"; me- "really, why's it all wet then?"

Helen said...

Okay, somehow I knew the monkey bar one was false, but I could so picture you laughing at your dog.

I am so glad you found your crock pot lid. Email me any crock pot recipe requests, and I'll put it on Paprika is Good...for you...