Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ode to Helen

Oh blogging friends, I know apologies about not blogging get old to, uh, no apologies. But I canNOT let today go by without a huge happy birthday to my friend Helen!! She wrote a poem for my birthday, so I will return the favor! And I think she will be okay with me taking liberty on some of the syllables in this haiku based poem...

Helen is funny
Not your every day funny
Like drop dead funny

Helen is caring
Not your every day caring
Calls to encourage

Helen is thoughtful
Not your every day thoughtful
Causes me to think

Helen is loyal
She will champion her cause
Tell it like it is

Helen is salsa
Dancing in the grocery store
I'm gonna join her

Helen is family
She holds her own near and dear
Honoring, loving

Helen is teaching
Her students are a blessed bunch
Past and present, too

Helen is unique
Not your every day unique
True one-of-a-kind

Reading mysteries
Muumuus and velour galore
BunBun the rabbit...

The internet is
Much brighter with her on it
Someday we will meet

But her computer
Better not break before then
(Torture for us all)

Helen is Helen
I am so glad that is true
Happy Birthday (to) you!


sherri said...

I Love Helen! Happy Birthday Helen!

Rachael said...

I don't know Helen, but I'm sure she's an awesome person. Happy birthday to her!

Love the poetry--you're getting to be a regular guru of haiku.

katdish said...

Girl, you need to write more haiku. I can picture you with a black beret in a funky little cafe just reciting them all day.

Happy Birthday, Helen!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

"Guru of haiku"
Happy Birthday, Helen!

Helen said...

Thanks Beth. You are so kind to me. And such a talented poet. Whenever I try to write haiku, my fingers get sore from trying to count out the syllables..Maybe I shouldn't have admitted using my fingers to count...Forget I said that...

Thanks again for your wonderful birthday wishes!

Beth said...

Haha. Funny you should mention that Helen! While I was writing this, I was tapping my fingers on my leg to count. Frank walked by and said, "What are you doing that is requiring such strenuous math?"

I heart haiku. It keeps me from rambling.