Friday, October 31, 2008

Bloggity Fun

I am new to the bloggerific world of bloggerdom. As you may notice, I have one of the canned layouts and no pictures, not even of myself. I am one part technically challenged and one part technically resistant. I will finally get the gumption to learn all the advanced ways to trick out my blog in about 2 years. That will be exactly 2 days before some new awesome system of electric journaling becomes all the rage, leaving me antiquated once again. But that's just me. If you start talking about podcasts and texting, chances are I'll nod and smile and lead you to believe that I know about these things. In reality, my brain has gone into "log cabin" mode where I pretend I'm a pioneer visiting the future. So where are the flying cars? I know they promised flying cars...

So the other day I was goofing off online instead of doing something productive and I noticed that when you click on the interests in your profile on here, it will list all the other people who have listed that same interest. Neat! Like an instant community of people who just "get" you. Maybe. So click, click, click I did, and I found out:

1. 5,200 people are interested in my husband. I had no idea he was that popular.

2. Exactly 3,000 people are interested in social justice. So why don't things seem to be changing?

3. 342 people are interested in pancakes.

4. 189 people are interested in alpacas.

5. 21 people are interested in bocci ball.

6. 5 people are interested in " no particular order." What are the odds of that??

7. No one except myself is interested in how to get small children to nap. That disappoints me greatly.

Play the Interest Game with me! How many people share your passions? 350 of us are interested in church planting, so you know I'll be making some friends there. Have fun, kids! I wonder how many people listed flying cars as an interest...


katdish said...

Okay. I'll play! I tried to find an interest that didn't really "fit" with my other interests.

When I clicked on "The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King", I got 439.

When I clicked on "pretty much anything by Stephen King", I got 35.

and, uh...some pretty interesting profiles.

Beth said...

Yeah, I found out the hard way that people who list "hot fudge" as an interest don't always see it as an ice cream topping...