Monday, March 9, 2009

Math Problem

1 sick Beth + 1 sick Frank + 3 children under 5 who are NOT sick = 1 long day and a very messy house.

Fortunately I'm at least feeling well enough to sit at the computer for a little bit. Earlier today I didn't even want to move or open my eyes. I'm a wuss. Frank got what I'm referring to as the "plague of death" on Saturday and made it through leading worship at two churches AND finished a term paper for his seminary class. Now me on the other hand....the plague was unleashed upon me last night and I have alternated from laying on the couch and laying in bed. My big feat of the day was taking out the trash before collapsing in a weepy, snuggie bedecked heap on the couch. Does anyone else tend to cry about everything when they're sick like I do? But like I said, I'm much better for the moment. So in honor of NOT feeling like lukewarm death, here's my list of things that kept me going today:

1. The song, I Love You, Lord sung in my head replacing words like "song" and "voice" with words like "thoughts." I dunno why. It's just one of those weird things I've done for a long time.
2. Baby Jay smiling at me no matter how horrible I look. He loves his mommy!
3. Equate brand acetaminophen taken every 4 hours.
4. Wet washclothes.
5. Orange juice.
6. Annabelle being extremely helpful today beyond her 4 1/2 little years.
7. Our "new" hand-me-down couch. It's got recliners built in! Score!
8. Frank loading the dishwasher so I wouldn't be overwhelmed tomorrow.
9. Of course, my snuggie.


♥ Kathy said...

Bless your was a long day for me too. Hope you feel better :)

Annie K said...

Ahhhh...Beth, I'm so sorry you're feeling the crud. I feel your pain sistah...I really do. I will be praying for a speedy recovery and in the meantime - milk it for all it's worth. Frank will take care of it all. :) (that's the little devil in me..!) hehe!

Helen said...

I hope you feel better soon.

katdish said...

At what point did the dog vomit on the couch? I would have been like, "and there you more thing".

Hope the awesome healing powers of the Snuggie are helping you to feel better.

wv: sitted: Beth felt yucky yesterday, so she sitted on the couch for most of the day.

Beth said...

The dog vomited, of course, when Frank was napping and the baby was crying for a bottle and I was at my low point. She vomited because she got into the trash we had neglected to take out. (Thus me taking out the trash later.) And yeah...that was pretty much my line of thought...I think I thanked her out loud for making my day even worse.

amy said...

oh my, sounds like my Fri night, Sat, and Sunday. So sorry!!!! Eric and Lily were such a big help. Lily made lunch for everyone, I saw her menu on the counter- it's cute. anyway, i hope you are feeling better. It does get better.

SpeechJan said...

#4 will heal any hurt or sickness out there...known fact. ;) Hope you're feeling better.


sherri said...

Sick sucks so get well soon!

My veri word is "doodead".