Friday, March 13, 2009

My, That's a Mighty Moody Monster Haiku You Have There

Baby wakes me up
Plod down the stairs in the dark
Cat comes and

Chunky Monkey Boy
Holds his own bottle, mostly
It's dark and quiet

Change clothes and diaper
Happy baby plays with toys
I grab my Bible

Groggily I read
I have a bad attitude
Pray for change in heart

Does it come right now?
It changes slowly with the sun
Not great, but better

I've been in the house
For five days without a break
Sick, sick, kind of well

Surely that attacks
Any sense of perspective
I usually have

Can that be caused by children?
Even if I love them?

If I run away
To a sunny beachy place
I promise to write

Alas, in my head
Vacation will stay for now
My brain's in Fiji

My body it seems
Is a little bit stinky
(No deoderant)

But I will fix it
One luxury I do have
Is my whirlpool tub

This, too, shall pass, right?
Happy Friday the Thirteenth
Blessed, not unlucky


katdish said...

Okay, I'm just laughing because I'm picturing you counting on your fingers while saying "no deodorant" out loud.

I also need professional help.

♥ Kathy said...

That was awesome :D

Beth said...

Kat...I totally did that.

But "whirl" gave me the most problems. One syllable? Two? Depends on how far south you live?

Thanks, Kathy!

sherri said...

That's why haikus are hard for me- I add an extra syllable to every word.

This, my friend was awesome!

Helen said...

I loved your haikus!
And what Katdish said.

Beth is good with Haiku
She takes the time to share much
What a sweet lady!

Rachael Phillips said...

Sweetie, If you can write poetry after five flu-ey, gooey days in the house with little kids, you are a winner!!

Praying for you.


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

These are so cool and honest! Took me thru the gamut of your feelings.

And if claustrophobia can't be caught from children, then I have more issues than I realized. ;)

Feel better!

Amy said...

Beth, this was a more complete summary of one's week than I could ever write. I wanted to tap out the syllables and test you, but I knew you were on it. You are one clever cookie, and I'm glad you are feeling better.

TitansFan said...

I'm laughing because I caught myself counting on my fingers. Funny how you can incorporate things that might not be thought about unless you're writing a Haiku.

Love my Whirlpool Tub!
Seems my children use it more.
So much fun to clean:(