Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, At Least It's a Post People!

I was going to write an update about what our church has been up to. (Renovations to our building and an outreach coming up!) Or about the start of preschool. (Oh, the crying children!) Or the things I think about while walking the doggie each evening. (I came up with the phrase "geek chic" last night. Like it?) Or about our sweet "new" ride. (New to us, at least. 2002 Ford Focus. I KNOW. Practical. When did we become practical?) Anyway, since we were down to one car for awhile, that meant a lot of playing taxi driver last week and this week with the holiday and start of preschool, the running seems to continue. However, this morning I have the comfy jammy pants on! Yesssss. No running to be done until I pick up Annabelle from school. And once we get used to this new fall normal, I'll flesh out some more posts er somethin'.

SO...I give to you this lovely masterpiece created by our friend and babysitter, Haley:

Ironically, I am the only one in the family who regularly wears glasses... :)


Helen said...

Sweet picture.
Glad you have time to relax today.

sherri said...

Well, finally!

Love the picture- and your babies are getting so big, I hardly recognized them. Or it could have been the shades.

Amy said...

That. is. hilarious. Was Frank asleep during this picture, or had he just had wisdom teeth removed? :) I love your family, Beth.