Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet Annabelle

Name: Annabelle Kate

AKA: Anna (by me), Annie (by Frank)

Age: Just turned 4 1/2, which is so much better than "regular 4"

Future Occupation: Firefighter. When I asked her why, she said that some girls are firefighters. Then she said she thinks it would be hard but fun.

How we met: Annabelle was born on my sister's birthday in 2004. She came a week early! I was nervous about being a parent because I liked kids, but I had not spent a whole lot of time with tiny babies before. She wasn't what you call an "easy" baby and I was pretty overwhelmed at first...but we eventually figured each other out.

Personality: Annabelle is FULL of personality. She's quite the entertainer and drama queen. She is living for the Christmas musical at church this year where she gets to perform songs and dances ON STAGE with the big kids. Annabelle has a dry sense of humor like her father. It's so funny to hear sarcastic remarks coming from a little girl voice! Annabelle is inquisitive. She asks at least 834 questions a day. There is a new show on PBS called Sid the Science Kid. In the intro he says, "Did you hear the one about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything?" Every day I answer, "Yes, and I live with her!" Annabelle is super social. If we go to the playground, she will learn the names of every kid there in the first 10 minutes and then proceed to introduce herself and her entire family to the children and their caretakers. Annabelle is caring and very sensitive to others. Frank's mom works with women who are severely mentally handicapped and we went to visit her at work once. I explained to Annabelle that the women have bodies like adults but their minds were kind of like a baby's. Annabelle wasn't scared or timid around these women at all. She chose to talk to them and eat dinner with them instead of play outside!

Talents: Annabelle makes up some pretty awesome songs. They tend to be epic, have catchy rhythms and have big finishes. Annabelle is good at creatively naming her toys. My favorite is the little horse she named Santabua. She's good at skipping and hopping on one leg. She's also very good at bossing around her little brothers.

Likes: Old Disney movies, playing games on the computer, drawing and coloring, reading books, talking, riding in daddy's truck, Silky (her security slip...yeah, a slip and not a blanket) and corn bread

Dislikes: Waking up early, mushrooms, brushing her hair

What I Admire Most About Her: Sometimes her questions drive me a little batty. But I do love that she is always sincere in wanting to know the hows and whys of life, and I hope she never stops questioning. Her questions about God and Jesus sometimes teach ME. See my post Deep Thoughts By Annabelle for an example.


Mare said...

Wow Beth, she is adorable and sounds like such a sweetheart! That inquisitive mind will surely get her far...as well as that "it would be hard but fun" attitude. She is incredible.

Proud of you for learning to put up pictures! Go Beth!

Helen said...

Yes, good job on the pictures. And good job on the child. It is good for her to know that you take her questions seriously.

katdish said...

Okay. This is just freaky. Not the post, but this: My daughter Rachel was born on my sister's birthday in 2001. She was a week early. (Cue twilight zone music in the background.)

Annabelle is a super cutie! I can relate to the drama queen thing. (I'm gonna start praying for you now, because it only get worse -- trust me.) At 4 years old, my daughter wanted to be either a school teacher, an astronaut or a princess. Dream big Annie. Dream Big!

This may or not work with the questions, but both my kids are like that. So whenever they start in with the question-palooza marathon, I answer their question with a question.

kid: How many jelly beans would it take to fill up this car?

me: How many jelly beans do YOU think it would take to fill up this car?

kid: No mom, really. How many jelly beans would it take to fill up this car?

me: Seriously, how many jelly beans do YOU think it would take to fill up this car?

kid: MOM! Stop doing that!

me: Stop doing what?

Sherri said...


She sounds like alot of fun to be around.. She'll keep you on your toes.

With the names she comes up with for her toys, sounds like she's been reading our verification words!

She seems to be pretty short....I like her!

my v-word is "Basper".
Now there's a good name for her to use.

Max02 said...

Cute. Looks like you've got a good one there. Congrats.

My best friends recently had a little baby boy. I can already imagine him 3 and a half years from now, sarcastic and funny like his father and sweet and fun loving like his mother.

I want babies.