Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Phoebe and Uno

I didn't have any "real" pets growing up. We begged and begged for a dog and got....a hamster. Well, a series of several hamsters. None of them lasted too long, but we had a lot of fun putting them in my mom's china tea pot and making them drive around in Barbie cars. I also had a fish that my cousin won at the fair and was forced to give to me because I, of course, did NOT win a fish and threw a fit. I loved it so much that when it got sick and accidentally went down the drain while my mom was cleaning the poor sickly fish's bowl...I didn't notice it was gone for about a month. There was also the time that my sister bought a mouse without telling my parents. Yes, we had a stellar record as pet owners.

So what was the first thing I did when I graduated from college and was officially on my own? Why, I got two kittens, of course! In fact, I got them a little early and had to hide them in my dorm room for three days before I could move into my apartment. And ever since then, we have had a strange assortment of dogs and cats(mostly cats) who think I am their mother. For awhile, I got in a little over my head with cats. But right now, we are down to being a modest one dog, one cat family.

Our dog, Phoebe, came to us somewhat as an orphan. She first belonged to my husband's grandmother who got her as a companion when she was in remission from breast cancer. Very sadly, grandma passed away from other complications just a few months later. Phoebe next resided with Frank's uncle for awhile. Then when he went on vacation, Frank's mom took Phoebe in, and ended up keeping her. She finally made her home with us after a dog trade. We traded our big, not-so-child friendly dog for Phoebe who digs kids and couldn't hurt anyone even if she wanted to.

Ahhh Phoebe. She's a cutie of a doggie. She's a full blooded Maltese, although we don't have any papers for her. She's little and white and makes you want to do silly things like put rhinestone collars and doggie sweaters on her. She also has a very little brain. She ran away from home last summer while I had the door open to put away groceries. We looked all around the neighborhood, but no sign of a little lost doggie. I had pretty much given up finding her after a week or so, but I ran a lost dog ad in our town newspaper and the very first day they printed it, I had a phone call. It ends up she was across the street and three houses down. And couldn't find her way home. Poor doggie. Maybe she'll end up on David Letterman doing stupid pet tricks. With the emphasis on the stupid pet instead of the stupid trick. Her only trick is that she can stand on her hind legs and beg for food. And she can scratch the door for hours if she wants to come in. But will she scratch at the door when she needs to go OUT? Absolutely not. I still love her, though. She keeps my feet warm at night. She gets in happy crazy moods and starts running frantic circles around the house and makes the kids laugh. She burps like a grown man. She prefers cat food to dog food. The little click click click of her toenails follow me wherever I go. Ahhh Phoebe. My fourth child.

Then we have Uno. Frank has always loved cats. He was my co-conspirator in hiding the kittens in my dorm room. Uno filled a cat void for us when our beloved cat Yoda met an untimely end on our busy street. We thought about being kitty free for awhile, but after a couple weeks Frank came home and said he had seen a cat that needed to be rescued from PetSmart. So we adopted Uno, who was the only kitty left in his litter of Uno, Dos, and Tres. The name was so cute we decided to keep it. Uno is a fairly affectionate kitty even though he has the trademark independent cat spirit. The best and worst thing about Uno is that you never know where you'll find him next. I have found him in the baby bassinet(sans baby, fortunately!), in my closet, in the corner of the shower, and in the clothes dryer. You think he would be snuggled in some clothes I had forgotten, but no. Just him. In the dryer. Giving me a sleepy glare because I had the audacity to wake him up.

Phoebe and Uno are best appreciated together. They are about the same size. One white and curly. One dark and striped. One ditsy and cute. One crafty and sly. They are family to each other. Sometimes they play, sometimes they fight. But in the end they will curl up next to each other on the couch, a picture of peace amidst a world of dog and cat wars. If fact, both are curled up next to me now.

Click Here to see Phoebe.


Annie K said...

My husband has always had Malamutes (the last one was 150+ lbs) and I've always had cats. So when it was time to get a new pet, we compromised and got Bozley (15lbs soaking wet). He's a dork, but extremely smart and cracks us up. (There is a picture of him at the bottom of my blog). ;)

Mare said...

Phew. I shall live.

Of course Phoebe would be that adorable to match the rest of her family.

We have a similar pet history. "I would just DIE to have a dog!" Reality...turtles, fish, iguana, hamster, hamster, guinea pig.

I will have a house full of dogs and cats one day. Hopefully one as cute as Phoebe!

Sherri said...

Right now, we have no aniamls. WHen the boys were here, we had a dog. WHen they were small, they had a pet turtle (Yoshi) that they would fix a shoebox with all his favorites, and he would travel with us. Even to little league ballgames.
There I'd sit on the bleachers cheering the boy's on with a silent shoebox sitting next to me.

Your pets sounds adorable.
And yes, house pets are like another child.
DOn't 'cha love it?

Beth said...

Mare, be careful what you wish for! Our previous dog was smart..but huge, conniving, and destroyed half the house. I prefer to visit her at my in-laws now! Not to mention that we kept adopting cats that kept having kittens and we had to find homes for all of them before we went insane....

Thus I learned: one low maintenance dog and one low maintenance cat equals happiness. And the "you must be fixed to be a pet here" rule.

Annie- Boz is so cute! Phoebe is maybe 9 lbs. soaking wet! Baby Jay outweighed her in no time!

Rob said...

I remember winning a fish at the Blueberry festival (I think, it was in Plymouth anyway). I don't remember being forced to give it up, so maybe that was a different time.