Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Frank

Name: Franklin Neil

AKA: Frank or Frankie

Age: 29 (almost 30! Tee hee!)

Occupation: Network Administrator for the City of Terre Haute (I think that's his title. I tried to look it up on the city website, but it's not working. That's ironic. It means a bad day at work for Frank...)

Unofficial Occupations: Worship Leader and elder at HealingPointe Community Church, part time online seminary student at Liberty University

How we met: Frank transferred to Indiana State University(ISU) in the fall of 1999. I was studying in Spain the fall of 1999. When I got back to ISU in January 2000, there was this new cute guy at our Campus Crusade meeting. Our mutual friend Amy introduced us. It went something like this.
Amy: "Beth, this is Frank."
Beth (not hearing the name right): "Hi Craig, nice to meet you!"
Frank: "No. It's FRANK."
Beth: "Oh. Frank?"
Frank: "Yes. Frank. Like your 40 year old uncle. FRANK."
Beth (thinks this guy will never speak to her again): "Oh."
We didn't start dating until 4 months later. That's another fun story for another time. But I still remember what he wore that day and what I wore. Odd how the mind works.

Personality: He's got an extremely dry sense of humor. Most people cannot tell when he is joking until they know him for awhile and he comes off looking very serious or just odd. But once you get to know him, you find he is very funny, fun, caring, adventurous, creative, a hard worker, and smart. He's pretty laid back about things, which helps tone down a hyper-sensitive person such as myself. Well, he's laid back until it comes to game of backyard wiffle ball or croquet. Then he's out for blood.

Talents: He can play almost any musical instrument. And if he can't, he'll at least learn how to play a scale or two if you give him a couple hours. He leads with a guitar at church, but drums are his bigger passion. He can also sing. He majored in voice at ISU and can sing opera quite well. But that's not the style he prefers. He can fix almost anything and do it for less money than anyone else. Some of our friends call him McGyver. No challenge is too big or small. Cars? Furnaces? Computers? Leaky faucets? He'll get them working. He is a good cook. He makes a mean apple pie from scratch. He is an excellent father. He is the best bedtime book reader. He does projects with the kids like making puppets and making bird houses and such. He changes diapers with the best of them!

Likes: He likes learning! About everything! He likes finding "sweet deals." Sweet deals are basically finding the most unique thing that will fit his particular need at low low prices. Why get the car that everyone else drives when you can get a "sweet deal" on a Mazda RX-7 rotary engine car he found on Ebay that's 2 states away? He likes Campbell's chicken noodle soup with lots of crackers. He likes R.E.M. He likes being with family and good friends.

Dislikes: Reading fiction. Black olives. Being in big crowds of people. He probably dislikes his wife dedicating an entire post about him, but he will continue to love me anyway.

What I admire and respect most about him: He has a very strong faith in Jesus. He is a very authentic person and lives out his faith in all contexts of life.

I recieved this picture from Frank's co-worker one day. During their lunch break, they went on a junkyard adventure to find a part to fix my minivan. You really can't get more "Frank" than this:

Frank at the junkyard.

I promise to put the actual photo here as soon as I figure out how to do it...bleh. I don't know if those without a facebook account will be able to go to this link. This is why Frank does the computing around here.


helen said...

Nice to meet him! My dad's name was Frank. So was my grandpa's (never met him, though. He never left his homeland...). An odd sense of humor is good. We have that in my family, too. At least my husband and I do. I think the real reason you don't post a picture is because he is good looking, and you don't want to share...I told you, an odd sense of humor is good...

Mare said...

Aw Beth, he is so cute! The picture worked great for me. I can't believe you married a McGyver who is also a bedtime storybook reader. What a guy.

Sherri said...

Beth, tell Frankie McGyver that I'm glad to finally meet him.

SOunds like a wonderful man. Yes, we will need a photo, so we can diassect him even more.

SOunds alot like Big Al, who will also die when I write about him one day.
I'm surrounded by these people that never want in the Limelight!
Even my son who is in it, doesn't WANT to be there! WHat's up with these people?

Isn't it funny how they can drive you crazy, then you start writing about them and see these wonderful qualities on paper and you're like, "Man! This one's a keeper! How'd I get so lucky?"

Yep. He's a keeper!

(I responded to your comment on my Home sweet Home)

Annie K said...

Great idea of writing about your family. Now I know Frank!

katdish said...

Nice to meet you Craig!, er, Frank! I couldn't access the facebook thingy. Did you try the "insert picture" code on the HTML thing I sent you?

I have no clue how to do anything on a mac, or as I like to call them, "those white computers".

word verification: logic (I think this is the 2nd time I've gotten an actual word!)

Beth said...

Yeah, I tried the insert picture thing...

Yeah...Frank's had a REALLY bad couple of days at work. So no picture tutorial for me. Maybe I can figure it out on my own tomorrow! (Stop laughing.)

Amy said...

Did I introduce you? I was trying to think of a different Amy that may have introduced you, but oh, how I hope it was me!! Was it? Huh?

If it was, you're welcome.