Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet Joey

Name: Joseph Zavier

AKA: Joe Bug

Age: getting close to 3

Future Occupation: He wants "to plant watermelons, carrots, and plants!"

How We Met: Joey was due on January 3. Since his sister came early, I had high hopes that he would be the first baby born on New Year's Day and I would get a bunch of free stuff! Nope. He was a little late. He was born January 8, 2006. We went to the hospital in the middle of the night and by the time Joey arrived Frank had drunk about a gallon of coffee and Mountain Dew. I remember pain. I remember the doctor saying it would only be a couple more pushes. I remember the doctor looking and Frank and asking, "Do you need to sit down?" I remember Frank rushing to the bathroom. I remember the cries of my beautiful new baby boy. I remember Frank coming back into the room and saying....
"Did I miss anything?"

Personality: Joey is a one of a kind little boy. He is full of imagination. Most of his days are filled with magical creatures and games and stories that only he can see. Joey is independent. While Annabelle is star of the show at the playground, Joey is perfectly happy to play on his own, usually with rocks and dirt. Joey is a sponge. He drinks in anything he can when it comes to songs and letters and numbers and pictures and words. I am constantly surprised by the things he already knows. Joey does not want to miss a thing. No WAY will he be content going to sleep if there is something interesting going on. Joey is fascinated with organization. There is nothing he likes better than having a bunch of things he can arrange into a big straight line. Video tapes, pull-ups, blocks, cars, crayons, pillows, potatoes, walnuts, rocks- you name it. I come across "Joey sculptures" on a regular basis. Everything perfectly placed exactly how he wants it. I think I need to start taking pictures of them and selling them online as highly sophisticated post-modern art.

Talents: He can make the biggest mess out of the smallest amount of food. He is fabulous at making up voices for the different characters he's in imagination land with. He also sings perfectly on key. Will he do it if he knows anyone is watching? Nope.

Likes: spaghetti, sticks, dirt, candy canes, Dora the Explorer, playing outside, Blue Blankey, jumping on furniture, cooking pretend meals for his family, knock knock jokes, blue berries

Dislikes: wearing socks, using the potty, taking naps, eating meat(with the exception of hot dogs), scary monsters

What I admire most about him: He marches to the beat of his own imaginary drum and doesn't care a bit what others are doing and saying around him. Sometimes I wish I had this kind of confidence in pursuing the things that give me joy without worrying so much about what others might think of me.


Helen said...

Sweet! You are so blessed to have such precious little ones.

katdish said...

Pablo Picasso said:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one once we grow up."

Your children are doubly blessed because they have two creative parents. I know that their creativity will be encouraged. I think that's awesome. The world needs more artists -- whatever their chosen medium may be.

Joey's a cutie as well! I love this age when you begin to see their personalities come out.

Mare said...

Good grief! Are you the cutest family every?

Sherri said...

I get week in the knees when I see precious little boys-that's all I 've known.

I've raised 3 artists and I know this much is true....he will end up teaching you more than you will ver "pick up" on your own.
They just see things differently.More deeply. More clearly.

Thanks for letting us meet him.

Beth said...

I can't wait to see what he puts on a turkey feather someday!! I helped Frank's parents move a few years ago and we found some of his stories from elementary school. Talk about imagination.... :)

Max02 said...

Nice to meet you Joey.

I had a blue blankie growing up too.