Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Update Spectacular!

I don't got nuttin' today. But I'm up way too early for a Saturday. So...

Remember my awesomely bad hair escapades?
Update: I am no longer losing hair. In fact, it's all growing back. The new hair is just a couple inches long and sticks straight out from my head...especially in front, so I look like a cockatoo. The scalp...well, it remains pretty much the same. Tried new shampoos. One makes it a little less itchy. A commenter from Candy's Blog gave me a link to a blog where this lady found amazing relief for her scalp using Listerine. I tried that last night....yeah, didn't work so much. Just made me smell nice and antiseptic. Plus I got a little buzzed off the fumes. I think I saw a vision of myself in a nursing home in 50 years.

Remember my commitment to running?
Update: I continue to run and I'm still loosely using the couch to 5k program my cousin's wife gave me a link to. It's been harder to get away to run the last couple weeks, so that's a little frustrating. My ankle has been really tender this week, too, so I'm trying not to push too hard. I'm absolutely loving it, though. It really is like I'm back in cross country and about 16 again. My favorite place to run so far is out to the cemetery. There's no traffic, it's peaceful, and I am the fastest runner there. Also, my husband got a memo that the gym membership he gets through work is going to be free for spouses, too. So I'm trying to work up a little courage to go and sign up for a time to go and have the mandatory meeting with a trainer. THAT should make for a funny post. Beth vs. the Gym.

Remember the dogs that like to get in our trash?
Update: We finally invested a mega big trash can for the trash. It has wheels. If trash cans are the most exciting thing in your life....nifty, nifty, woo! Then the neighbors with the trash loving dogs moved away. Figures. These are the same neighbors who tended to get frequent visits from the maybe the move wasn't voluntary? Lately the owners seem to be doing some repairs to the house. I might get new neighbors soon. Will they be good? Bad? I'm all a jitter with anticipation. Or the coffee this morning was too strong.

Remember the formula they have behind lock and key at the local Wal-Marts?
Update: This really, really frustrates me. This week I went to the grocery store alone. I know! Easy breezy cheesy, right? Wrong. I have 81 items in the cart. But you have to go to the express lane to get the formula. So here I am in the express lane getting evil looks from EVERYONE because I have this big full cart of groceries in the express lane. I'm not a rule breaker, people, I'm just trying to feed my baby. Don't hate me. There has GOT to be a better way. Is this what people who smoke have to endure every time they want to shop and buy cigs? Because I would just stop smoking based on that alone.

Well, that's about it for now. Wish I had something witty or poignant to leave you with...oh's something that's neither!


sherri said...

Remember the slanket video you owe us?

Yeah, no more excuses!

katdish said...

That guy's a wimp. Six month old diapers are nothing...

Try sitting behind someone who changes their THREE YEAR OLD'S poopy diaper on an airplane. That ain't right (on many levels).

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Formula is under lock and key now? Somehow I missed the original mention of that.

I think whoever put it in the EXPRESS lane had to be smoking something. When does a mother of an infant EVER walk out of a grocery store with 10 items or less?

On a tangential topic (since that's apparently the theme for everyone today), did you know that in California, they put spray paint under lock and key? I can't remember if it's because of graffiti or huffing... Either way, 12 years after moving here, I'm still surprised to see spray paint on the shelves for ANY delinquent to pick it up.

Christy D said...

That "dijon mustard" and "it weren't no just wet one" line has run through my mind at least 100 times during Linus's diaper changes. Seriously!