Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Soundtrack In My Head

I'm back, I'm behind in housework again, and I am blogging. I also found the time to bake some brownies this afternoon. But you have to have priorities, people. Say it with me: priorities.

Anywho, I think the next series of posts are going to be songs that have been speaking to me in some form. If I can find them on YouTube or free Napster, you'd better believe I'll get the music to go with them. I really like themes, so go with me on this. I'm sure I'll tire of it eventually. :)

Today's song is called I Am. It is by a band called The Waiting. It's an obscure flashback to the 90's Christian music scene. They had some awesome songs that never got too much recognition. Back in the day, I liked the sound of the music. More than ten years later, I more fully appreciate the lyrics as well. But this song pretty much solves the identity crisis I have some days. It strips me of pride but doesn't leave me worthless. All my worth comes from the One who created me. "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." (Phil. 4:13 NIV). I used to think that verse was like a super power that allowed me to do feats beyond what I'm normally capable of. In a sense, that's true. But when I see that verse now, I read it more as anything and everything I do is only because God put me on this earth and gave me the abilities to live and breath and think. I am because He is.

I Am

Walking out alone
The night fits like a stone inside a boot heel
Hot and cold winds blow
And no one is here to know the way I feel
The corner I once knew brings me in to view again
So I could stay out late, find new bones to break
But then I'd be dragging home admitting

I am because You are
I am
I recognize clearly I see
I am because You are
I am
I am in You and You are in me

Spent too many days devising many
ways trying to escape you
Played too many roles
Dug too many holes just big enough to fall into
And I could linger here
hoping to disappear in excuses
Come morning's shining face
I'd be crawling to the place
I call home
where first you cut me loose

The places that I've carried You, I wouldn't take a dog
Stop and calmly think of that

Tear this church down to its cornerstone
And build it up again, build me up again.

I am because You are
I am
I recognize clearly I see
I am because You are
I am
I am in You and You are in me

I Am ()


Sherri said...

Beautiful lyrics. I would love to hear it, I'll google it.

Hey, for your lazy friends like me, why don't YOU find and post the video or song and share it with us---now Don't be stingy with your treasured beautiful songs Beth.

I'm real serious when it comes to my music! Looking forward to this series.

Helen said...

Beth, kudos to you for figuring out how to get the song on your blog. It tookme nine months to figure out how to post a youtube video, and I learned only after using the youtube tutorial, so there you go.

The words and music were very moving. Vaja con Dios (since you like espanol so much :-))

katdish said...

Kewl. I love the lyrics, and you know I'm all over the "obscure flashback to the 90s".

And "priorities". There. I said it.

WV: "pactisen" as in,

I know I just had a root canal, but the band has guest performance coming up and I've gotta get back to pactisen.