Saturday, December 13, 2008

Writer's Block

Usually I find myself with too many words to write and have to figure out a way to keep myself from writing and writing and spending hours and hours doing it. And somehow make it make sense. I've got some stuff simmering in my brain, but nothing is quite coming together yet. My brain is kind of mushy and I think I'll spend the day finally putting the Christmas tree up and prepping for the kids' Christmas musical tonight. I'm not really in charge of anything, but just getting the kids bathed and dressed takes a good part of the day... Anyway, Annabelle and Joey's stage debut will probably be cause for awesome blog material for next week in case I'm still stuck.

Thank goodness Stacy from Louisville saved me and posted a way to use the U.S. Postal Service for annoying others. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to bug the guy who brought a lot of us bloggers together? Stacy is hilarious, by the way. Check out some of her other posts while you're there!

P.S. In case you live in a sad, joyless world and haven't checked out Jon Acuff's blog Stuff Christians Like, he is "the guy who brought a lot of us bloggers together." Yeah, I just quoted myself from a paragraph ago. Like I said. Brain=mush. I'm just excited I got two hyperlinks to work in one post. Later taters!


Annie K said...

Beth, take your kids to a fancy restaurant and let them run amok (ok, well the one that can). You'll have plenty to write about then.

wv: mialing (Jamaican)

Honey, you be mialing da bir-day cahd to Jon, mon?

katdish said...


(sniff) Two hyperlinks! (sniff, sniff) I'm so proud!

wv: flute (what?) Dang!

katdish said...

And another thing...

I think the term you're looking for is "Blogstipation", whereas I suffer from the opposite but no less debilitating condition, "Bloggerrhea".

(my husband saw my blog post today and I am SO TOTALLY BUSTED!)

Helen said...

Why don't you write about what you are doing with your kids to prepare for Christmas. Are they helping you wrap daddy's gift? That should be a gold mine for a blog post right there, especially when they blurt out "Daddy, we wrapped your gift today but we can't tell you what it is. Daddy do you like ______(name of gift)?".
Are they baking cookies with you? Have them pour and do the measuring....on second thought, maybe not. We are not used to having to bleep your blogposts ;-).

Beth said...

Haha...we haven't even gotten daddy's gift yet! Ack! I have told them about 354 times this morning:
"DON'T TOUCH THE TREE!" And I DO plan on making cookies with them sometimes this week or next. And the Christmas program ended up being the funniest thing ever, so I will do a post on that.