Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My friend Kathy was kind enough to order me a Snuggie in exchange for a video of a silly dance routine in said Snuggie. We all know how much I wanted one. This was a deal I was glad to make. Free snuggie in exchange for universal embarrassment? Of course!

Unfortunately, customer service for the Snuggie people is less that top notch...I know! Surprise! First the Snuggie people tried to trick Kathy into ordering 4 Snuggies instead of two (buy one get one free...she pushed the button for two, they thought that meant 4 and charged her accordingly...yeah....). Then they were back ordered. Apparently the demand for Snuggies is great indeed. Then they sent her a confirmation of it being shipped, only there was no street listed on the address... If anyone would bother to open a phonebook or use a computer, they would see that there is only one Sabelhuas in Sullivan, Indiana...but something tells me that it just won't happen. So my Snuggie is probably sitting forlornly in the corner of a UPS warehouse somewhere. Alone and scared. Wondering if it will ever complete its destiny.

Meanwhile, I sit with my laptop. Waiting. Hoping. Practicing my dance routine. (I'm hip! I'm with it! Tucka tucka tucka tucka.)
Today would be such a perfect day for the Snuggie. The snow is falling. I could make a cup of tea without chills... Sigh.

Anyway, to quell my longings...have a laugh at the Snuggie's expense. Meet: The Kozee!

* Please note that I take things like the KKK and the occult seriously and they are NOT of God. So for the record, Beth= anti-KKK and anti-casting spells on people. But this video is a joke. So go ahead and laugh, you know you want to... (Forgive me, Eric. It has to be hard to pastor such wierdos.)

** However, I'm lovin' the "potty" humor in this video and enjoy Kool-aid Jammers.

*** I also adore Dance Dance Revolution.


Amy said...

Oh, Beth! I didn't know whether to laugh more at your "tucka, tucka, tucka" or that crazy video. I'm SO glad you cleared up your stance on the KKK, because, well, we all just need to make those things clear sometimes.
That video is hilarious. "You can make a snack. You can eat a snack." Too funny.

Helen said...

Okay, I don't actually get "tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka" but that video was funny. While I agree that the kkk isn't funny, if you read it that the narrator is totally clueless on the real meaning of the "grand master" name and the burning visuals, it is hysterically funny. I have talked Bob into a snuggie, but he is a procrastinator. Obviously if they are giving you such a hard time about getting yours, I should rethink this. On the other hand, maybe I could email your post to the snuggie people under their "contact us" section, and then tell them I wanted to buy some but if people are having this much trouble, maybe not. What do you think? Should I put the screws to the snuggie people? How weird is that last sentence? Doesn't it sound like I am planning to torture teddy bears and various stuffed animals? Yeah, I am feeling better.

sherri said...

I was laughing outloud!

I love the cozy way better than the snuggie! Plus you'll get that $500 sweatshirt. Tell katsish to cancel the order and get this one!

I wasn't offended by the "KKK" in the video because it was making them look stupid! Any video that makes the KKK look stupid is a good one in my book.

Sorry, but they're stupid. And evil.

I need to laugh today. ROugh day here.

Beth said...

Helen...the "tucka" thing is from Austin Powers.
I found the clip! Dr. Evil does the Macarena
And screws in teddy bears DOES seem a little voodoo-ish...I'm anti-voodoo, too. Are you picturing the Snuggle fabric softener bear, because that's what I'm seeing in my head.

Okay, I didn't mean to make the KKK thing a big deal, I just get a little paranoid now that my blog is linked to our church website....:P Sometimes I have a hard time lightening up. Frank, quit smirking. I see that.

katdish said...

Have you talked to them? Those dumb*sses! (Sorry, that wasn't nice, but I was on perma-hold with them TWICE already.) I'm fixin' to get all mean and stuff with them! I'll watch the video later...I'm all fired up!

Helen said...

Thanks Beth. Now I get tucka tucka. I am now hip like that, too.
I don't like voodoo either.
Yes, I was picturing the fabric softener bear.
tucka tucka tucka tucka ...

Beth said...

Well, I checked the tracking number on the UPS website. It says it's "in transit" and has a re-scheduled delivery date for 1/30/09. If it doesn't come by then...

The Snuggie Peeps are goin' down.

Watch the video. It will make you feel better.

Helen said...

I'm still boycotting them until you get your snuggie! That'll show 'em!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Give those nice snuggie people a break. After all, snuggies were featured on Good Morning America on Saturday. I was gonna mention it to y'all, but I forgot. (You could say that manna got a little ripe.)

As for me, I want a slanket. Cuz I'm klassy and snobby that way.

(I loved the video too. Especially the guy in handcuffs. Oh, and the "quality" construction of the kozees. I think they might've been safety-pinned together.)

If the snuggie folks don't shape up, you can participate in Tantrum Tuesday with Fringegirl who comments often on my site. I'm trying to narrow my tantrum options down right now!)

WV: wivit
When I gots a blanket on and want some lemonade and try to get my hands out, I cain't do a thing wivit. I need a slanket.

Annie K said...

I've gotta get me one of those hats.

Lisa Joy said...

Oh dear goodness, I was laughing the whole way through!

As a side note, every time Eric and I sit down to watch TV with a snack, he jokingly laments the fact that we don't have a snuggie/slanket. I think he's part-serious.

Mare said...

Beth I cannot WAIT to see this video you are going to make. How exciting that you will have your very own Snuggie!!!

This video was ridiculous. Loved it.