Thursday, January 8, 2009

Of Skittles, Dragons, and Chicken Wings...Yes, These Are a Few of My Weirdest Things

I have been tagged by Helen at Random Musings to share 7 weird things about myself. Hold on tight. It might be a scary ride.

1. I categorize my food and systematically eat the categories. For example, if I have vegetable soup, I will eat all the carrots, all the peas, all the corn, etc. and leave my favorite parts for last(usually the beef). Or if I'm eating Skittles, I separate the colors and eat whatever I have the most of first, so that I have a nice balance at the end.

2. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons among other role playing games. Crown me the Queen of the Nerds. But hey, it was a lot more interesting to me than partying on the weekends...

3. I forget to drink anything with meals on a consistent basis. My kids have to remind me that they need something to drink with their meal.

4. I studied in Spain, and I have been in Central America on a missions trip, but I have never been to Mexico or Canada.

5. My little toe on my right foot is useless. It's there, but it kind of turns inward and doesn't move at all. You know how you can spread your toes out? Yeah...I can't do that.

6. I always get really upset and stressed out before going on trips or to a big event. Always. But once I'm on my way, everything is peachy. Just learn to ride out the storm, baby.

7. Just tonight I had a revelation about chicken wings. There's always two kinds. One with two bones that seemed like a wing to me, and the other looks like a little drumstick. The drumstick one always confused me...I thought it was just a miniature chicken leg or something; I never understood why it was included in wings...and then tonight...A HA!! Light bulb! There's TWO parts to a chicken wing! So they're BOTH the wing!! I'm gonna sleep better tonight. It's all about the little things...


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Are ALL of us OCD in some way? Those are the friendships I've made online? Yeah, I do a lot of this stuff.

Categorize food: check. And make sure to chew on alternating sides.

D&D: no, but I got good at the card game Rook in college.

I forget to drink anything too. EVERY day I have to remind myself to give the kids a drink.

I majored in Spanish and did mission trips in Mexico and Portugal. Never in Spain.

My toes are normal. So you ARE weird there. ;) On the other hand, my two outside toes fall asleep when I walk on the elliptical.

Annie K said...

I grew up with a Mexican family(my best friends mom was from Mexico), worked in their restaurant, learned REAL Spanish and before I went to Mexico a few trips ago I was working in a restaurant and the cooks were all Spanish so I told them 'no English until I go to Mexico'. I am muy fluent.

I never forget to drink. But i'm sure I'm OCD about drinking.

My toes are normal, but the two I broke when the rock in the river jumped infront of me sometimes get those weird cramps...where they won't go straight. Seriously.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else think there are some UNCANNY similarities between this little group?

Annie, you're fluent in Spanish TOO? I NEVER meet another guera (know that one?) who can speak Spanish, and now I trade wisecracks with TWO?

There's a sociological study in there somewhere...

Helen said...

Katdish is and Steph are right. The stuff we have in common is uncanny.
1. Alway separate food and save best for last. Eat M&M's by color (didn't realize that was strange until you pointed it out)
2. NO.
3. I never drink with meals. I am 39, and mom still asks me at lunch "Did you drink anything yet?"
4. Took Spanish in Grammar School. Barely remember anything. Can't even find out the meaning of "guera" on the translator in Sherlock on my Mac.
5. My pinky toe bad too.
6. NA right now.
7. I was pretty amazed when I figured that out, too.

Mare said...

Seperate my food and eat by category. Also, is it bad not to drink with meals? I don't ever do that unless I am at someone's house.

HILARIOUS about the chicken wings. I never really thought about it deeply but I think i thought those were little legs too. I'm so proud of your revelation. Really Beth...God IS using your no coffee sacrifice to share deep wisdom with you. Keep it up!

katdish said...

Seriously - the whole "separating and categorizing the food" thing is so foreign and strange to me that it has shaken me to my very foundation! (Do you all REALLY do that?)

I bet Sherri doesn't do that, she's more ADD like me. (Somebody else please chime in!)

"Doan-de esta, casa de pee-pee?" (Where is the bathroom?) This represents my understanding of Spanish.

The chicken wing thing is pretty compelling -- never thought of it before, and I've eaten my body weight in chicken wings at one sitting. (not bragging or anything)

Helen said...

Beth, I love the fact that you google chicken foot necklace every morning. Let me know if you find anything new.

Rachael Phillips said...

Sorry, hon, the Buffalo wing thing is genetic. I received a similar revelation the other day, only mine involved the insight that buffaloes don't have wings.

(Your father helped me with this one.)

Beth said...

Yay, my Mom commented!

katdish said...

I think Beth's mom is way cool and I think I know where she gets her sense of humor from.

Rachael Phillips said...

Thanks! Obviously, Beth gets her sanity from her dad.