Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post Holiday Recovery Program

We. Are. Home. As of midnight-thirty last night.

Our family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I loved seeing everyone and the random fun we had...especially when that includes beating my spouse at ping pong. More about our holiday adventures later, perhaps. However, I think that a couple extra days should be built into every holiday or vacation to help everyone recover. Let me describe the scene this morning at my house....

1. Anna and Joey are still wearing their clothes from yesterday because they slept during the travels home last night and I wasn't about to wake them up to change them into pajamas. I'm too lazy to change them into "today" clothes until we get ready for church this evening. Anna is being surprisingly helpful this morning. Joey is alternating between running around aimlessly and being clingy.

2. Baby Jay got a change of clothes but only because he pukes a lot. He is resentful about being stowed in his bouncy car after a solid week of being held by doting friends and relatives. And he's teething.

3. Frank is playing video games. Work will come far too quickly on Monday...and we're guest leading worship for a church tomorrow. Seize the day! Or at least the morning, right?

4. I am curled up on the couch in a cocoon of blankets (Snuggie where ARE you???), feeling sickly due to gluttony and not enough sleep. Note to self: when offered a choice of three desserts, never choose all three.

5. The dog seems to have weathered the holidays better than the rest of us. She is napping beside me as usual. Proof that ignorance really IS bliss.

P.S. I have now noticed it's past time for lunch. Frank has volunteered to try to patch something together....sure to be delectable...but not before serenading us with a touching song about fish skin. Yum.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Beth - no one should visit their parents for 48 straight hours! But you've got to do what you've got to do. I'm glad to have you hanging out around my blog whenever you get around to it. Happy new year and happy blogging!

Sherri said...

So glad to have you back!
I really did miss you.

I'm glad to see that I was not the ONLY mother to let tired kids sleep in their clothes, and then not change them till we were getting ready to go out again!
(We're shameless!)

I'm glad you had a good time but I know travel can be exausting.

I would love to have a CD if one is available.


Sherri said...

Well, whatta' ya' know! SHe puts up a PIC! THANK YOU!

Sherri said...

I'm hurt and deeply saddened that line I told you to add after your general info on your church website was deleted.

Remember? After you mentioned blogging as a favorite pasttime, you were supposed to put something about your blogger friends being your inspiration...your reason to live... the very breath that you breathe!!!!

I don't know why it didn't make the final cut on your church website. You probably have some uptight pastor or something, huh?

Beth said...

Haha. I've been playing with my blog layout today as you see. I don't think I have it exactly the way I want it, but it's getting there. But I can't find a visitor counter. How'd you do that, Sherri??

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Your day sounds perfect to me.

My kids are known to wear pajamas all day when we don't go anywhere. And on New Year's Eve, they went to bed fully clothed after midnight.

Also? During this school break we've forgotten lunch more often than not. My kids have learned to beg or scrounge for food when they're hungry.

I'm such a good mom.

helen said...

Steph, nothing wrong with teaching kids that they need to speak up when they want something. It is a life lesson you are teaching them, so yes you are a good mom. I bet you make them ask nicely, too. Another life skill. Good for you.

Beth, I am glad you will be back to blogging. To get a sitemeter, go to Katdish's blog, and click on hers. It will give you directions to get your own.

wv saine-the way creative people spell sane.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Beth - thanks for 'following' my blog! Now we're blog buddies!

katdish said...

YAY! You're back! The Snuggie people said to allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, but I gotta call them anyway because they overcharged me. I'll let you know when you should start stretching out for your video.

Steph - you ARE a good mom! (Okay, I'm sticking with that cuz that makes me feel better about letting my kids eat chex mix and cheese sticks for lunch.)

Rob said...

I thought I was reading about us...especially the part about the clothes. Just about every line item was true for us after coming back to Kentucky after visiting in-laws.

sherri said...

check out my new blogsite: